High Intensity Treadmill Vest

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High Intensity Treadmill Vest Description

Our Best workout vest increases workout efficiency, promotes a deep sweat, and boosts VO2 max for better oxygen utilization.

?Boosts Treadmill VO2

The comfortable, lightweight and stretchy fabric lets you move with your body while performing any activity. And the seams of the men's girdle underwear are strong and smooth as is the zipper. Best of all it hides well under your any fitness workout gym clothing.

Thermal Fitness Science

Having a zipper on helps a ton load which makes the thermal gym shirt was easy to get on & take off. The zipper is durable and has a protective layer behind it so your skin doesn't get caught in it.

Burns Fat Longer

The fat burning process is rapid with our waist training corset vest. It constricts to your body causes the temperature to rise and consequently produce more sweat. This hot sweat body shaper tank is having you sweating your ass off during any workout situation.

Increases Deep Sweat

Makes you sweat while helping with the posture and helps your back with good support. The sauna vest suit shapewear gives you an instant slimming look once you put it on, it also generates more sweat versus you working out without it.

Size Chart

S 33 - 36 35 - 37 25
M 36 - 39 37 - 40 26
L 39 - 42 40 - 43 26
XL 42 - 45 43 - 46 27
XXL 45 - 48 46 - 50 28
XXXL 48 - 51 50 - 53 28
XXXXL 51 - 54 53 - 56 28
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Question:?Does anyone wear this vest swimming? How does it fit wet?
It is almost like a second skin . Strange thing though when you arise out of water it feels like the air is going straight through the materials very cooling during hot days after it drys and it doesnt take long you start to feel your abs heating up like a warm fernace im a first time user of compresion wear so dont wear them to long i ignored that and man did i heat up .well good luck