Wonderience Stretch Exercise Resistance Bands

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Lightweight and Transportable

The exercise bands easy to carry ,help you achieve the fitness goal anywhere.Make yourself fit and shape your body anywhere without expensive gym and exercise equipment, and you do not even have to leave home.

Ideal For All Kinds Of Workouts

The multiple uses-Resistance bands are suitable for Yoga, Pilates ,stretch training workout.They are also often used in physical therapy and rehab after surgery.

High-Strength Elasticity and Durable

100% natural latex material provides great elasticity and high resistance, so the exercise straps will not break or wear out quickly, and they will also retain the necessary tension needed for a good workout.

Training Shape Body

The Stretch bands apply for all part of your body, strength-assisted training or daily exercise to easy get rid of the fat meat. It also improve posture and relieve shoulder and back pain,shape your arms, hip waist and stretch your legs.

Color-Coded Resistance (3 pcs/bag)

Package includes 3 color-coded resistance bands: yellow for light, red for medium, and blue for heavy for easy to increase difficulty and challenge workout.