Sweat Waist Trainer for Men

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Sweat Waist Trainer for Men Description

Supercharge your workout results with one of the best Waist Trainers on the market. Made with 100% Latex so you can take your hot and sweaty weight loss exercise sessions to the next level.

Our Fitness Science Gear Waist Trainer provides more efficient fat burning during exercise by increasing sweating and weight loss.

Our Men's Waist Trainer adds resistance and sweat conditioning to your body training, weight loss, jogging, jumping or other fitness activities without hindering the movement.

This is one of the Best Waist Trainers for Men wanting fast weight loss combined with the maximum performance that comes from a Latex waist trainer. Tone your ABS, flatten your stomach, harden your waist muscles. While at the same time enjoying your workouts as you bend, rotate and stretch without restriction.

Our weight loss Waist Trainer is designed especially for men with an extra-wide configuration that conceals your stomach, flattens your belly fat and hides your love handles the moment you put it on.

During intense exercise sessions, you'll get added weight loss efficiency as our Latex Waist Trainer for Men creates the utmost perspiration by retaining your body's heat around your waist. You'll see your body shed unsightly fat when exercising in one of the best Latex Waist Trainers made specifically for men.

Nothing on the market creates an intense sweaty weight drop during exercise routines like our Waist Training belt. This is the best Waist Trainer for weight loss exercises you'll ever buy, that will maximize your fat loss, reshape your stomach and burn unwanted tummy fat the moment you start working out.

This is our best max-performance Waist Trainer and it comes with 9 steel bones to give extra support for your rib-cage and lower back. You'll feel it release pressure around your waist, enhance movement, protect your muscles and deliver you better posture during your gym exercise and training workouts.

Our Fitness Science Gear Waist Training corset comes in a variety of adjustable sizes specifically for men. Including four adjustable hooks that give you control over the precise compression you need. Simply snap the rugged stainless corset closures for a comfortable fit during strenuous exercise.

If you haven't worn a Waist Trainer corset before, then we recommend starting with this one.

Size Chart

S 30 - 32 13
M 33 - 35 13
L 35 - 37 13
XL 38 - 40 13
XXL 40 - 42 13
XXXL 43 - 44 13

Question:?Will this belt be too tight? Can i wear to do exercise?
Answer 1: when you do hook the belt together it does not feel to tight. you can exercise with it but depends on what type of exercise it may move.
Answer 2: Its very comfortable,flexible too..No,it won't be too tight.


Question: Are there any size charts? Like waist measurements?How can I know my waistline?
Answer: Yep, you can see the size chart in the final picture.The size from seller is very accurate.Btw,I measure my waistline one inch above my belly button.