Slimming Waist Trainer for Men

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Slimming Waist Trainer Description

Best slimming waist trainer for men?who want to?boost their fat burning during regular Gym workouts.

Waist Slimming Workouts

DEEP CORE HEAT?Our best waist trainer for men constructed of a strong triple layered neoprene material which has been scientifically developed to generate Deep Core Heat, enhances waist sweat by retaining your natural body heat while you are training your waist and abs.

INCREASED RESISTANCE Waist trainers for men increase resistance during workouts.?High intensity interval training workouts with increase resistance?helps you lose belly fat around your waist and promoting overall weight loss.?

ACCELERATE CALORIE BURN Our weight loss waist trainer for men will boosts your body temperature to ramp up perspiration, accelerate calories burning and start burning fat. Along with increasing resistance during high intensity workout to help build abdominal muscles and lose belly, it will shrink your waistline, flatten stomach and to improve your body shape instantly during gym workouts.

Instant Body Shaper

INSTANTLY SHAPES WAIST Our best waist trainer corset for men is made of three layers of durable composite neoprene fabric, each layer scientifically designed to for specific purpose. Instantly shapes your waist midsection and tight compression to your lower belly fat area. Our waist trainer provides both back support and belly fat control for men during workouts.?

FLATTEN BULGING STOMACH This is our best neoprene waist training belt that instantly creates a sauna effect around your waist, abs and belly fat. Great for sweating out excessive water weight, flattening your abdomen and provide a slim tone look.

Back Support Brace

LOWER BACK SUPPORT Our best waist trainer corset comes with 9 steel bones that provide extra brace support for your abdominal muscles and lower back, help release pressure on your waist while training and improves muscular mobility. On top of it all, our men's waist trainer comes with a waist-high row of 3 adjustable hooks which allow you to control the compression where you need it most.

THREE LAYER CONSTRUCTION Our three-layers of durable stretchable composite neoprene nylon reinforced fabric provides wide a cover to hold in your waist belly fat and smooth out the lumps and bumps on the waist, help get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

MAXIMIZE WEIGHT LOSS If you want to maximize weight loss and a high-performance reshaping trainer, this is the best waist trainer solution for exercise, sports, running and lifting on the market today.


  • Triple-layer Waist Training Fitness Science neoprene fabric
  • Super strong 3 rows of stainless steel size adjusting clips
  • Industrial triple-reinforced stitching?
  • 3 mm thick Maximum Compression neoprene
  • Wear alone, with other Wonderience fitness gear
  • Fitness Science made for HIIT waist training workouts


  • Increases your metabolism
  • Increases your core sweat
  • Increase HIIT efficiency
  • Immune system detox
  • Maximize calorie burn
  • Burn and lose belly fat?


S 28?-?30 12
M 31 - 33 12
L 33 - 36 12
XL 36 - 39 12
XXL 39 - 41 12
XXXL 42 - 44 12

Question: If I wear this at work will it make my t shirt soaked?
Answer: No, I wear mine and never have any issues.

Question: Will this body shaper belt help you get rid of the fat belly love handles?
Answer: Yes, It does help you flatten abdomen.