Wonderience Sweat Hot Silver/Blue Nano-film Zipper Tank Top

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Hot Silver/Blue Nano-film

Wonderience men's sauna vest is used heat trapping silver polymer fabric,extremely light,soft and comfortable to the skin,doesn't feel restrictive at all,this workout sweat vest for men can bring out more sweat than regular compression sports tank.

Sweat Up to 5 Times

Wonderience men's heat trapping sweat vest can help you shed the weight you gained during this pandemic. The new type material will help you feel the warmth starting to hit your body instantly and excited about the heat/sweat and spa effect, this workout sweat vest for men helps accelerate the fat burning to sweat out all the toxin from your body.

Easy On and Off

Compared with other mens sweat tanks trainer,we add a zipper and a zippier protective back layer,so you can easy to put on and take off without pinching yourself during exercise.Wonderience men zipper sweat tank top vest to lose weight makes you feel accomplished after each workout,because it makes you sweat more than without the vest on.

Slight Compression For Support

Wonderience mens weight-loss shirt also provide slight compression on fat belly,it can be used as an underneath compression shirt for men. Lightweight and soft compression tank top for men is suitable for walking,running,yoga even HIIT workouts.